• Ría de Punta Umbría

Why Punta Umbría?

Punta Umbría is located on the coast of Huelva, known as “Costa de la Luz” [“Coast of Light”], in the south of Spain, and is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. Its mild climate and its 300 days of sunshine a year make it an ideal place for holding events.

  • 120 km of fine sandy beaches largely unspoilt.
  • Spectacular nature with varied landscapes and places of great ecological value.
  • Gastronomy with excellent raw materials (ham, wine, prawns, strawberries).
  • Huelva has an extensive natural heritage, with 70% of the surface area of Punta Umbría protected and over 162 hectares of coastline.
  • • An exceptional climate with an average annual temperature of 21°C


With all these features, Punta Umbría offers the best destination for organising your events, and making them unforgettable experiences..

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